Update 17th March 2020

Hello families of Dosbarth 2, smiley

We hope you are all well and would like to let you know that we the staff, will be taking good care of your children (and ourselves) to the best of our capabilities under the current situation/circumstances. Please be reassured we understand your worries as they are our worries too! laugh

We are still open and will stay open until the Welsh Assembly Government (WAG) advise us otherwise. yes

We are currently organising a 'Learning Pack' for each child in class to bring home in the event of a full school closure. This is because WAG have requested this to be done by all schools INCASE the order becomes necessary to close schools. 

My advice from an education perspective...

Please read with your child(ren), both you reading to them and they to you, Reading is the key to future successful writing as when a child knows what a word looks like, the child can then picture that word in their mind to write it. We will send 2 reading scheme books and a book of your childs choice from the class library.

All of the children bring home every week the list of High Frequency Words (HFW's) that they are currently learning to recognise/read. We will be sending the next list also in the hope that whilst they are off school they may finish the current list and move on to the next. Play a treasure hunt - stick the words around the house for your child to find the right one and bring it back to you. Copy another list, and play Snap. Say the word as you turn your card. Year 1 children and confident Reception (2 or 3 words at a time) - once recognise/can read the words, start learning to write/spell them independently.

On this page there is a link to the list of APPs we recommended at the start of the school year. There is a list of recommended websites to access learning resources from, inside the 'Learning Pack'. Use the internet sensibly, remember too much screen time is not healthy.

Make household chores part of the learning. Maybe their internet time can be earned by doing a job! Earn 10 minutes by hoovering a room or washing up or tidying their toys, earn internet time by doing one of the tasks in the folder? wink

Get in the garden too if you have one. Weeding, planting, tidying and just playing in the garden.

I think I have covered all I'm expected/needed to up to today's WAG information available.

Keep checking this class page for future updates.

Take care

Mrs Mac and Support Staff

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