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Nursery. 16th June 2017


SPORTS DAY: Friday 23rd June 10.30a.m.

Parents, grandparents, aunties, uncles and everyone in between are welcome to come along. I hope children who do not normally attend on a Friday can join us! Please let me know on Monday if your child cannot attend.

This year we are having Nursery Sports Day separately from the rest of the school. This is in order to reduce disruption for the children. We are planning on opening the rear gate for spectators at 10.30 a.m. with races to start shortly afterwards. Children are to come in to school dressed in sportswear. Please ensure your child has a hat in case of sunny weather and a high factor SPF is applied before coming to school. Children must stay with their class for their own safety. If your child gets distressed, of course they can go to you, but they might then miss their next race.

As a break from tradition, I won’t be hosting a ‘flat’ running race for the parents, instead we will be having a fun race for mums and for dads if you wish to participate! The children love to cheer their parents on!

At the end of the event, children will be brought back to class where they can be collected immediately.

The Friends of St Anthony’s have kindly organised a ‘Fun day’ for the whole school. You are all welcome, and encouraged, to return to school at 1.20p.m. to watch the sports and enjoy the fun day, which is due to begin at 3p.m.

(If the weather is bad on the 23rd, a reserve day has been pencilled in for Fri 30th June)


JCake donations are requested for the stall at Sports Day, please bring in your donations on the morning of 23rd.J


All Nursery children are invited to stay for a school dinner on Monday 17th July, compliments of school. On this day, please collect your child at 12 noon. Any queries, please ask myself or phone school and ask to speak to ‘Mrs Evans in the kitchen’.



On Friday 14th July the whole school will be ‘moving up’. This involves each class spending an hour in their new classrooms getting acquainted with the new teachers and teaching assistants they will have in September. I will be having an informal ‘handover’ meeting to pass on class information to Class 2 staff. I will also be talking to the children about ‘moving up’ day beforehand, and we will have a P.S.H.E. session on it to prepare them for moving on. I just wanted you to be aware so you will know what they are talking about when they come home afterwards!


Now that we are in the summer term, please use your discretion to apply a high SPF sun cream in the mornings to protect your child’s skin during outdoor play. Please provide your child with a named sun hat and a named water bottle so they can stay hydrated. The weather can be changeable, so a light coat is advisable too, just in case! Any queries about sun protection, don’t hesitate to ask.

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