5th May 2020

Date: 5th May 2020 @ 12:50pm

Hello families of Dosbarth 2 laugh

It's May! We are now in to the 7th week at home and 3rd week of the summer term. We have never been away from school for this long EVER! Even in the holidays I go in to school to prepare the classroom for the next term. It's certainly very strange for all of us not being at St Anthony's for so long.

I wish we knew how much longer this would go on for. I know I am eager to get back in the classroom and catch up on hugs, news and start teaching. But, I am also anxious that we can do this safely too. The thought of enforcing a 2metre distance with the children in the classroom is so difficult to comprehend! It is SO far away from how we are as a class family and how we treat each other -  it makes me very sad.noLet's hope the powers that be can sort this out for us as soon as is safely possible yes

This week my 10yr old son Michael has had a meltdown about home schooling. He is also asking to go back to school. He misses his teacher and class friends the same as you and me. Even having his mum and dad that are both teachers, doesn't make home learning better or easier for him to cope with. This is why I keep saying to you - you do as much or as little for the day or mood and, do not force or overload the home learning. Being stuck at home for this long is a lot to cope with for many already. No one will be in trouble for any work not done or not working every day! yes

I won't update the gallery this week as I have only had a handful pictures of worksheets. I will wait to see if I am sent anymore for next week.

A reminder of the excellent resources that are free to use. BBC bitesize is a favourite in our home. The list of sites/APPs is within the class page. Remember that if you have finished the work that was sent home and need more ideas from me please get in touch.

To end on a positive cheery topic...The sun is out almost every day. My home task/challenge/work for you this week is to go for a walk/scoot/cycle with a grown up everyday. Even if its only for 10minutes.

Please try to spend as much time as you can in your garden if you have one. What kinds of minibeasts and birds can you see? Minibeasts live everywhere so see how many you can find. 

Have you got flowers growing in borders or even in your patio edges/cracks and the grass? Daisies and dandylions? Nettles and wild plants? Bulbs and bushes? They are all growing and blooming.

If you don't have a garden then look out of your window to look around the area of your home and better still look about on your walk/scoot/cycle if you are able to go on one.

Try sketching/drawing a picture for me of what you see. Can you write/copy/trace the word or a sentence for what you find?

Most importantly - stay safe.

I hope to hear from you over the week and if possible send me some pictures of what you are up to or find on your outdoor investigation.

Reminder of my email - mcnameem4@hwbmail.net

Take care and am sending more hugs for my little people heart

From Mrs Mac smiley



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