27th April 2020

Date: 27th Apr 2020 @ 5:50pm

Hello families of Dosbarth 2 laugh

Thank you to those of you that have emailed me over the last week. I have loved seeing the pictures you have sent me and hearing about what you have been up to since I saw you last.yes

I was able to check the permission list for photos on our website and have uploaded just a few to share. Please keep sending me the photos and I will add a new gallery once a week with my blog update.angel

We are in to our 6th week surpriseat home now and I am really missing you all. I wish we could be back together in class learning and playing together. Let's hope it will happen in the near future.

If you have not been in touch with me yet then please try to send me an email to let me know how you are as I really am missing you all.heart

A reminder of my email - mcnameem4@hwbmail.net mail

This week I have been busy teaching Michael (YR6) about graphs, long division, adjectives and nouns. We have also been following the Elon Musk launch of clusters of satalites. The 'satalite train' passes over us quite often and on a clear night it's impressive to watch. I've been busy in the garden weeding, pruning, planting and painting fencing and every day we walk the dogs together for our daily excercise. I promise to add some pictures next week in the gallery with a selection of yours.yes

Whilst we have been off school the application process for school places in September 2020 has still been going on. If you have a younger brother or sister, or know anybody looking for a Nursery or Reception place in school for September please email the school (or me and I will pass it on).laugh

Well carry on staying home and staying safe. If you run out of work from the original learning pack or the new Under the Sea Topic work set last week, or just need to ask me something then get in touch through the email.smileymailyes

Take care and am sending hugs for my little people heart

from Mrs Macwink


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