20th April 2020 1st day of the Summer Term

Date: 20th Apr 2020 @ 3:37pm

Hello families of Dosbarth 2 laugh

I hope you are all safe and healthy and have managed to enjoy the lovely weather we have had over Easter. yesDid you all get an Easter Egg delivery from the Easter Bunny?

We have been keeping busy in our garden in the sunshine. I am very proud of myself having successfully rebuilt a collapsed section of my dry stone wall. smiley Mr Mac has fixed a leak in the pond (a very smelly messy job) surprise and Michael has built a bird feeder out of scrap wood lying around.smiley

The seeds that were left over in class are doing well in my flowerbed. I hope that the seeds you all planted and took home grew successfully and a lovely flower appeared.yes

Like you, we are missing seeing other family and friendsno especially parents, our older children and our grandsons sad

In the News Items section there will be a new document that Mrs Gibbons will have uploaded to the three Foundation Phase Classes. It is a letter from Mrs Gibbons, Mrs Mulgrew and I. yeslaugh

We have been busy thinking about and chatting on WhatsAPP about what things we could ask you to do at home and enjoy as a family at the same time. We have tried to think of things that are suitable and adaptable to all year groups. I hope you enjoy some of the activities we have suggested.

We believe some of you have had trouble logging in to the parent page on this website so have also shared our school/work email addresses. You can use my email get in contact with me if you need to. I will be checking my inbox every day. I would also love to see some photos of my little people and some of the work you have hopefully enjoyed doing with them whilst at home.

I am really missing our little people and hearing about what they have been up to. If you are happy for me to upload any of the photos you send me to the class page gallery, please make sure you give me permission in your email.

Finally and most importantly - Take care of each other, stay safe and stay healthyyes

Hugs for all my little people heart

From Mrs Mac



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