1st June 2020 Mrs Mac

Date: 1st Jun 2020 @ 11:26am

Hello families of Dosbarth 2laugh

I hope you are all safe and wellyes the weather has been glorious and we couldnt have been luckier in that respectsmiley

Happy 1st of June! Not the way anyone wished to start of the final half-term of Reception/Year1surprise

Let's all hope and pray that we can get back in to school in some way safely before the end of the academic yearyes I miss you all so much and pray for our class getting back together in the near futureheart

Over half term a couple of you have emailed me with some lovely work and pictures. Thank youyes

I would really like to hear from you all this weekangelTell me about what you have been up to and how you have been entertaining yourselves during half-term. 

I read two books sitting in the sunshinecoolwalked my doggieslaugh washed and hoovered the car and vanangelface-timed my parentsheartolder children heartand my beautiful grandsonsheartI wish I could hug and kiss them all toocrying

Look at the News section for some new ideas to add to the topic/learning opportunities. I have uploaded a range of things making sure there is something for all abilities to enjoy. The e-book is lovely to share and will need reading to the little person in your family. Once you have read/heard the story there is a power-point to discuss the characters and meanings/feelings in the story.

I will be checking my emails daily as always and look forward to hearing from you. McnameeM4@hwbmail.net

My next blog will be Monday 8th June 2020

Stay safe, stay positive and keep happy and smilingyes

Hugs for my little peopleheart

from Mrs Mac

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