18th May 2020

Date: 18th May 2020 @ 5:21pm

Hello again families of Dosbarth 2 laugh

Well what a milestone to have reached this week! Week 9 of being at homesurpriseand it would have been half term next week. If you have been doing some homeschool work every week that you would have been in school, make sure you do have a whole week off homeschooling next week for the children (and you) to have a good break. My son Michael is counting down the days and can't wait for a week off Maths and Literacyyes 

We have had tears this last week. Michael is really missing his school and friends and he hates having to do school work at home every day. The longer this goes on the more he resents it. Are any of your children resenting homeschooling?

Michael says "Home is not school and I miss working on things in class with my friends and playing out with them. All the work at home is on my own and with you, it's not the same!" 

He's right! I am sure lots of your children feel the same way too.

I would 100% love to be back in my classroom teaching. Teaching is what I love doing and I miss the children very much. Not just my class either I miss all the children I have taught in the other year groups too. Our school family is such a strong, caring, community and I am sure all of us are missing St Anthony's for many reasons - children and staff alike.

Lets all pray that the powers that be in the Welsh Assembly Government, can plan a safe way for us to start a return to school. I know that no one can give us any guarantees (none expected) but when we are all reassured I will be speeding along that A55 to get there to St Anthony's.yes

For this week and a change from what I have suggested before, try singing childrens songs and nursery rhymes doing the actions too. There are lots on You Tube to watch and choose from and the whole class loved having these on during 'down time' and wet plays in class. If your little person is not keen on these then any songs they enjoy will do. Singing and listening to music is good for the soul. It makes you feel happy if you find the right type of music/song for you. wink

Can you use any houshold or garden items to compose your own music? Again google search to find ideas and see what you can come up with! There are some weird and wonderful ideas like kitchen cupboard doors, bottles, cans, pots and pans! Rustling leaves, sticks and stones. blushTalk about and investigate the sounds that different thing can make.

On walks try counting 'how many' of something you see along the way. Ideas - black cars, lorries, buses, trees, people, lamp posts, anything really that grabs their attention. Or, how many things on our walk can we see that start with the letter a? On the next walk choose another letter. Draw a picture of what you saw.

Year 1's could tally 2 things and at the end of the walk do addition, subtraction, comparisons with what they have found. Questions that need an answer other than yes/no are good ways to get your child to think about something. (we saw 14 cars, 6 lorries so 14+6=20 altogether 14-6 = 8 more cars than lorries. This can then lead to questions like -there were more cars than lorries, why do you think there were more cars than lorries?) They can write the words/sentences for the things they found on the walk for the letter they chose.

I hope some of these ideas are helpful. Things that don't involve writing are generally easier to get the attention and a good way to learn practically. laugh

I have only had a handful of pictures since the last gallery. As I only blogged on Wednesday last week it's not been a whole week. I will wait until Friday and hope to receive some more before I put the new gallery up.laugh

I have now been able to send an email to all the parents that had registered an email address with the school. I hope you received it. If not please drop me or school an email with the email address you would like us to add to the site.

As always a reminder that I am here for you if you would like to send me pictures of what you have been doing, just say hello or if you need a chat over email or to ask me anything.


Most importantly of all please stay safe and happy.yes

Hugs for my little peopleheart

from Mrs Mac 


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