12th May 2020

Date: 13th May 2020 @ 1:53pm

Hello again to the families of Dosbarth 2 laugh

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for all the lovely emails and pictures you have been sending me heart

It honestly cheers my day and makes me proud of you all heartyeslaugh You are doing really well during this lockdown period of 'weirdness' for our children (and us)surprise

I have added a selection of the pictures you have been sending me to the class gallery yes

This week I have been working on equivalent and improper fractions, comprehension skills and handwriting with Michael at home. I love fractions but he doesnt...yet! heartwink We decided to create a timecapsule too to mark this historic time for a future owner of our home. We are going to seal it all in a large butty box and then seal it in a new concrete step that's being made to get in to part of our home.

I thought this may be an idea for you to start this week (and for working on over a few weeks) smileymaybe you can hide it in your attic or cellar or bury it in the garden somewhere?

In Michael's he has word processed a biography about our family and included photos. You could write your name and your birthday and include a picture you have taken or drawn. Michael has written in his own words what Covid19 and the lockdown has meant to him and how it has changed the way he spends his time. His worries about what will happen next and how he will move up to high school after the summer. Maybe a grown-up can ask you your thoughts and write them down for you to put in the box?

(reminder that Michael is 10 years old and Year 6)

Grown-ups or older siblings could make it a whole family activity and all contribute to it too.yes

As always I am here at the end of a 'click' email. I check my inbox everyday and look forward to seeing who has been in touch and what you are up to.yes

Reminder of my email - mcnameem4@hwbmail.net

I am sending more hugs for my little peopleheart

Stay safe

from Mrs Macwink

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